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About the IQAC

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) gives recommendations and suggestions for quality assurance, quality sustenance and quality enhancement of all aspects of the functioning of the college. The overall infrastructural improvement and excellence in teaching, learning and evaluation are monitored by the IQAC. The IQAC identifies weaknesses and challenges in administrative and other operational areas as well, and gives suggestions and recommendations to improve them. It works in consultation with various functional bodies such as, Governing Body, Teachers’ Council, Academic Sub-committee, Finance Committee, Students’ Union, etc. The IQAC organizes seminars, workshops, quiz contests, debate competitions and other cultural activities. It encourages the teachers to pursue Ph.D. programmes, submit proposals for MRP, participate and/or present papers in seminars and publish papers in journals. It also encourages the non-teaching staff for their skill development.

Notice on formation of IQAC

In the Governing Body meeting held on 7th December 2016, the composition of the IQAC was placed by the Principal.

(i) Dr. Sharmila De, Principal (Chairperson), (ii) Dr. Basumita Tarafdar (Co-ordinator), (iii) Prof. Sanjib Kumar Dhar (Member), (iv) Prof. Suman Ranjan Bandyopadhyay (Member), (v) Prof. Kakoli Sen Banerjee, (vi) Prof. Dipa Chakraborty (Member), (vii) Prof. Bablu Biswas (Member), (viii) Dr. Madhuchhanda Lahiri (Member), (ix) Smt. Manju Basu (Management Member), (x) Prof. Sefali Vidyanta (External Member), (xii) Prof. Sefli Vidyanta (External Member) (xi) Prof. Kamal Kumar Bardhan, Ex-Professor, Saha Institution of Nuclear Physics (External Member), (xii) Sri Jaideep Banerjee, General Manager, Budget and Accounts, CESC Ltd. (Industry), Smt. Prativa Acharya (Office).

The Governing Body resolved to unanimously approve the recommendation

Composition of the IQAC:

Sl.no. Name Designation
1 Dr. Sharmila De Chairperson
2 Dr. Basumita Tarafder Coordinator
3 Prof. Sanjib Kumar Dhar Member
4 Prof. Suman Ranjan Bandyopadhyay Member
5 Prof. Kakoli Sen Banerjee Member
6 Prof. Dipa Chakraborty Member
7 Dr. Bablu Biswas Member
8 Dr. Madhuchhanda Lahiri Member
9 Smt. Prativa Acharya Member
10 Smt. Manju Basu Member (Management)
11 Prof. Shefali Vidyanta External Member
12 Prof. K.K. Bardhan External Member
13 Sri. Jaideep Banerjee External Member


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