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From the Principal’s Desk

Na chor haryam, Na cha raj haryam
Na bhratri bhajyam, Na cha bharkari
Vyaye krite vardhat nityam
Vidya dhanam sarvadhana pradhanam.
(None can steal it, nor authority can snatch
Not divided amongst brothers, nor heavy to carry,
As you consume or spend, it increases,
As you share, it expands,
Education is the best wealth one can have)

Welcome to P.N. Das College Parivar. I reiterate “Parivar”, for this is one institute of learning that will never let you get dragged into the boredom of a knowledge machine with its routinized mode of imparting knowledge. I am sure, you will find here a home away from home.

Here, at our college, we have a group of dedicated teachers who train students in the joy and pleasure of learning, to forge a connect between knowledge and the zest for life.

We believe that college is a place where the young enter an active phase of self-development, where they have the freedom to think fearlessly and interact with other minds in a culture of argument, dissent and agreement.

The college has vast acres of green campus dotted with tall trees and encircled by a water body. It is a hub of flora and fauna, a place where students can be rejuvenated while pursuing their desired education.

The college still remembers its commitment to the downtrodden section of the society as it was envisaged to be at the time of inception. Our objective is to provide a holistic development of our pupils, while keeping in mind the goal of inclusive growth cutting across the various cross-sections of the society.

I sincerely appeal to all to foster and nurture this developing institution.

Come, join and be a part of the prosperity of this happy family.

Department of Physics

Sl.No. Name Qualification Designation Area of Interest
1 Dr. Sharmila De Ph.D. PRINCIPAL Charge Transport Mechanism through Model Biological Membranes, Ion Channels..
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